What semi-colon?


About Me? Hmm... Not much to tell really.  My name is Will McKenzie and I'm a Web Developer working in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.  I develop using mainly PHP and MySQL, and I've been getting more into Javascript of late.  I'm also trying to find opportunity to have a play round with Ruby on Rails and some mobile app development on iOS/Android.

This blog is basically part of my efforts to up my game and participate in this huge community of coders that we have trying to push the boundaries of what's possible on the web and beyond.  I'm going to be posting about some of my personal, open-source  projects and the lesson I learn from trying out new stuff and figuring out problems.  My hope is that by doing this I'll be able to help other people going through the same problems, and that maybe when I need it there'll be people able to help me.

In my spare time I'm into Martial Arts, with Capoeira being my main activity, Video Games, and Music (Playing and Listening).  So I may stick something up about them every now and again.

Well thats enough rambling from me, time to start thinking of something interesting to post.